15 Perfect Foods for Summer Your Kids Will Love

The long, lazy days of summer are the perfect time for kids to enjoy everything yummy from crispy garden-fresh fruits and veggies to juicy burgers fresh off the grill and sinfully rich and chocolaty ice cream sundaes. All that running, playing, swimming and biking, whether at summer camp or just around the neighborhood, has youngsters working up a hearty appetite. Have some fun whipping up delicious and healthy (usually) meals and snacks to keep your family energized throughout their favorite time of year.
What would summer be without luscious burgers fresh off the grill? Sneak in some nice fresh tomato slices and crisp lettuce along with a whole wheat bun to up the healthy factor in this hot weather favorite.
Grilled Flatbread Pizza
Grills aren’t just for burgers and hot dogs. Flatbread pizza is an exciting grill entrée, and you can add your choice of toppings, from gooey mozzarella and homemade pizza sauce to mushrooms, meat, chicken or veggies. Get creative and have fun making pizza outdoors.
Hot Dogs With Everything
Hot dogs are just plain great, especially piled high with all the fixings. OK, so maybe ketchup isn’t really a vegetable, but you can always pair this summer favorite with a crispy salad or yummy fruit smoothie to up the nutritional factor. Eat ‘em at the beach, at the ball game, anywhere you’re having summer fun.
Burrito Bonanza
Beloved burritos are the perfect summer meal. Kids love them, and it’s easy to cook up a big pot of beans and taco meat, add some shredded cheese and wrap up the whole delicious mess in a burrito roll to pop in the freezer for a quick and easy meal.
Veggies and Dip
What makes veggies irresistible to kids? Why, ranch dip of course. Pile up a colorful batch of colorful broccoli, carrots, sugar snap peas and sliced squash and watch it vanish before your very eyes.
Crispy Cole Slaw
A picnic staple, coleslaw is also a favorite of a lot of kids. Experiment by adding different grated veggies and dressings to see which most tickles your family’s fancy.
Cool Kabobs
There’s something about stacking up barbecued chicken, steak and all kinds of veggie chunks on a skewer that gets kids all excited. It’s kind of like roughing it, only in the back yard, and the grill makes everything just taste so much better.
Cold Sesame Noodles
In summer, there’s a certain allure to having a nutritious dinner that kids love all ready to go in the fridge. Cook up a batch of spaghetti, toss with peanut butter, soy sauce, oil and some lightly toasted sesame seeds, and you have a steamy day dinner that just as delicious whether served hot or cold.
Glorious Grinders
Not only do kids love ‘em, but they’re easy to pack for a picnic, for lunch at camp or to take along to the beach. You can choose traditional meat, cheese, tomato and lettuce fillings or get creative and health-conscious by adding spinach, avocado or peppers.
Take it along to the beach, pack it for a snack at summer camp or bring it to munch on at an outdoor move or concert. Popcorn is a light and very healthy fiber-filled snack.
Don’t Forget Breakfast
Summer is perfect for slipping some fresh strawberries, blueberries or peaches into morning favorites like pancakes and waffles.
Super Slushies
Summer and slushies go together like hot dogs and hamburgers. Whip up your own with a batch of garden-fresh fruits, or let your kids have a hand in choosing the ingredients; you can always sneak in a bit of blended spinach if you like.
The Fine Tradition of S’mores
If your child’s been at summer camp, they’ll no doubt want to carry on the fine tradition of s’mores at home. Who can resist the gooey combination of chocolate, marshmallow and sweet graham crackers?
Like a sweet, icy dream on a sweltering day, popsicles have been quenching and refreshing generations of kids – and adults – for decades. Buy them at the store or make your own with a delicious and nutritious combo of everything from fresh juices to crushed berries and a bit of soda.
We all Scream for…
Summer and ice cream go together so sweetly. From freshly made fruit flavors to sinfully rich chocolate, this all-time favorite sunny day treat ranks high on the list of everyone’s favorite summer food.

The Frigoglass HV362T Cools Your Drinks to Perfection

Everyone likes a chilled cocktail, juice, or cool drink and it has to be chilled perfectly. As a restaurant or bar owner, you need to ensure that you deliver consistently chilled and tasty drinks every time. In order to do this, you need to invest in the best refrigeration equipment such as the Frigoglass HV362T. How does this commercial beverage cooler cool your drinks?
How does the Frigoglass HV362T cool your drinks?
The Frigoglass range of commercial beverage coolers is fitted with a digital thermometer which enables you to check and control the temperature at any time. You can monitor the temperature and rectify it if it changes due to external temperature conditions. It is manufactured with a reverse air system which controls the air movement within the unit. It also ensures that cold air is circulated inside the unit and warm air is kept out. For your safety, it has a built-in electronic voltage protection.
But can it keep a lot of drinks cool? The answer is yes. The Frigoglass HV362T is a double glass hinged door unit that is 1230 x 765 x 1981 millimeters in size and about 210 kilograms in weight. The gross volume for this unit is 1172 litters. This commercial beverage cooler has a capacity of 504 x 500ml bottles or 1008 x 330ml cans of drinks. It is able to chill each one evenly due to the reverse air system. All these drinks can be stored on the 8 shelves that the unit is supplied with.
In addition, this unit is great for display purposes as it has convenient pricing strips, a bottle shaped handle and the back panel can be branded with decals. The product display area is an abundant 1.35 square meters and the logo display canopy is a suitable size of 0.22 square meters. You can display enticing drinks or your business adverts on this unit to get your customers to buy more chilled drinks. Customers are drawn to bright and colourful food and drinks advertising that is designed to tantalise their taste buds.
The Husky’s Frigoglass HV362T is a formidable piece of catering equipment and is best suited for busy bars and restaurants that serve a lot of drinks on a daily basis. This unit is reliable and will deliver consistently chilled drinks every day. Keep your drinks and your customers chilled with the latest innovation in commercial cooler technology.

Organic Indian Spices – They Help in Weight Loss

Stay Healthy’ is the much-loved mantra for the new generations as well as the old ones. With medical expenses touching almost the sky, people are now getting more heath conscious to avoid potential health hazards. Do you believe that use of organic Indian spices could help you stay healthy and fit? Regular exercises have a role in reducing your extra flab and keep you in shape but it is also important to make changes in your diet chart.
Some foods, especially the spice ones, add to fat and are not healthy at all. Curbing oily and spicy items from your regular diet will definitely help you shed off your weight and stay slim like before. However, use of organic spices in limited amount will cause no harm to body and even work on flab around waist and in other parts. There is no need to spend on weight-loss pills. You can get better and side-effect free results just by using organic spices that are less costly.
Obese people suffer several kinds of problems including high blood pressure, high cholesterol, fast pulse rate, breathing problems, anxiety, bad headache, kidney diseases and many more. You can stave off those diseases by keeping your weight under control. Let us now take a look at some most common Indian organic spices which can help you in your mission of ‘lose weight’.
Turmeric: It is the commonest of Indian spices and extensive used in cuisines throughout the country. This spice has several medicinal benefits. It maintains the right balance in glucose level and increases digestive power, thereby ensuring good health.
Chili Powder: It is one of the most powerful catalysts among organic Indian spices and helps in quick burning of calories by increasing body temperature.
Cinnamon: Scientists have proved that this spice along with other most prominent ones like bay leaves, cloves and turmeric feature a drug-like property responsible for regulating insulin activity. A sprinkle of all these spices in your food will help in keeping blood sugar controlled.
Fennel: Fennel adds a distinct and good taste to your food. Do you know it is a very good spice helping in weight loss and control? Chew some fennel seeds ahead of taking your meal as it will keep your appetite in check. As an alternative option, you can use the seeds to tea or in bread/muffins.
Organic Spices in Pickles
Pickles are hot favorite with the Indians. The Indian people use a variety of pickles. These are usually made spicy and taken with roti (hand-made breads) or rice. Pickles could be sweet, sour, chilly or a mix of different tastes. Usually, pickles are not recommended for the obese people or those with heart problems or poor digestive system. However, you can use organic spices while making pickles to ensure these can be healthy for all..
Chicken pickles are not very common and all are not expert at making these. However, pickles are also available at some online grocery stores. Whatever you want, just place an order and things will be delivered in no time.

Serving Healthy Foods Safely

Serving healthy foods safely can be accomplished by following a few simple guidelines. The importance of following those rules is exemplified by the fact that an estimated 48 million people in the U. S. are diagnosed with food poisoning annually. To highlight the subject further, recent news warned of over 300 cases of food poisoning and three deaths as the result of cucumbers bearing Salmonella that were imported from Mexico. So we can’t let down our guard.
Most food poisoning comes from bacteria or viruses, but it can also stem from parasites, mold, toxins, contaminants and allergens such as nuts, milk, eggs or gluten. Contaminated food often results in nausea, vomiting, diarrhea and cramps, but it can also result in kidney failure, chronic arthritis, brain and nerve damage or even death. Those at greatest risk include pregnant women, older adults, individuals with chronic illnesses or depressed immune systems, and children under the age of five because their immune systems are still developing and because their stomachs produce less stomach acid which helps to destroy toxic bacteria.
At the same time, we can serve food to our families safely by following a few simple guidelines. Begin by washing hands before handling any food. Be sure all utensils are clean at the start as well. Cutting instruments, cutting boards and other utensils must be cleaned thoroughly with soap and water after working with any food item and before handling the second food item. So, when you finish cutting the raw chicken, wash everything before cutting the vegetables, etc. Likewise, all fruits and vegetables should be washed with a scrub brush before cutting them. This is especially true with melons and firm fruits like an apple.
Store foods in a refrigerator at temperatures below 40 degrees Fahrenheit and below 32 degrees Fahrenheit in a freezer. Don’t just go by the machine setting. ;Use a thermometer to measure the actual temperature to be sure. ;Keep perishable food items in the refrigerator until served, and then leave them out no more than two hours. ;Foods that lose cooling or freezing capability for more than two hours (due to machine failure or power outage for example) usually need to be destroyed. Please refer to the food safety charts at the websites for the Food and Drug Administration and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Store raw meats, fish and poultry separate from other foods. Likewise, store ready-to-e at foods separately from other foods to prevent contamination.
Always cook foods to the proper temperatures. Foods should reach 165 degrees Fahrenheit as a general rule. Again, please refer to the charts provided by both the government sites.
While proper food safety requires a little attention to detail at first, continued practice will soon make them habits that will allow you to serve healthy foods safely to your family.

The Many Different Types Of Tea

Green Tea
This kind of tea is extremely popular and it contains catechins, which is an antioxidant.
A lot of people drink green tea because of the potential benefits, which includes playing a role in decreasing your risk of getting cardiovascular disease.
It is also worth pointing out that some people drink green tea because they believe that you can lose weight by drinking green tea.
One of the reasons why green tea is thought to help people lose weight is because it boosts the metabolic rate.
Black is one of the most commonly drank teas, and it does contain quite a bit of caffeine, at least when compare to other types of tea.
There are two antioxidants that are found in black tea, and these two have been known to lower cholesterol levels.
Also, if you drink three or more cups of this kind of tea on a daily basis, then you could end up cutting your risk of stroke by up to 21 percent.
If you are looking for a really healthy tea, then look no further than white tea. White tea contains catechins, just like green tea. Consuming white tea on a regular basis may even reduce the risk of having a recurrence of cancer in breast cancer survivors.
Asides from that, this kind is the purest of all teas, and it is the least processed of them all.
White tea is not fermented, and the leaves that are used to make it are dried naturally, usually via sun drying or steaming methods.
Don’t worry about whether or not this tea has a plain taste to it because it does have a slight sweetness to it, so you will love drinking it.
This tea is often served in Chinese restaurants, and it is known being very flavorful, so if you want to drink a tea with a sweet taste to it, then Oolong tea is for you.
You should know that Oolong tea is expensive, and most Oolongs come from Taiwan and it is only semi-fermented. Many drinkers prefer to drink it without milk, lemon or sugar.
This isn’t because they don’t like sugar, lemon or milk, it is because this kind of tea has a very delicate flavor.
Pu Erh
Pu Erh has a very rich and smooth taste to it, and the aging process lasts for a longtime. Sometimes the process can take years to complete, or it can take as little as a few months.
As for what the health benefits are, there are a number of them, and this includes playing a role in lowering your cholesterol levels, as well as help your digestion.
One of the things that make this tea stand out from other teas is that it is fermented twice, and then it is matured.
A lot of people do drink Pu Erh Tea for pleasure, but there are also many people who drink it for medicinal purposes.
People brew tea from various things, including berries, onions, peach leaves and orange peels. Certain types of flowers are also used for tea. Herbs, spices and oils are often used too.
If you are looking for teas that have unique tastes to it, or you just want tea with some strong flavor to it, then you will want to get your hands on some flavored tea.
Blends are teas that are not from a single lineage, hence the name. Teas that fall under this category of tea has been made with other different types of teas.
Some common blends that you may be interested in trying include Irish Breakfast, English Breakfast, Caravan and Earl Grey. There are many brands that product blends, and they can be purchased in just about any grocery store.
Those are the different types of tea. Now that you know what the different ones are, you can decide which one you want to try.

The Beans on Flavored Coffee

The Specie
The type of coffee bean used to make a finished flavored coffee influences the impact of how the coffee tastes. Green coffee beans contain different compounds which contribute to their profile, including sugars and other carbohydrates, mineral salts, organic acids and aromatic oils.
The most common coffee beans used for flavored coffees are Arabica, characteristically milder than the robust Robusta beans. Officially, Coffea canephora, a hardier specie with a shallow root system and known for its resistance to the devastating coffee leaf rust and many other diseases prone to attack coffee shrubs.
The Roast
When essential oils are added to coffee beans too mildly roasted, the coffee lacks significant characteristics, and represents flat-tasting coffee results. If the roast is too dark, the flavoring becomes overshadowed by the taste of the beans.
Medium to brown is the perfect roast color for these popular coffees For example, a French Vanilla essence will be undermined by a French roast bean and overwhelm the sweet creamy tones of the desired French vanilla taste.
The Coffee
Coffee beans are influenced by many factors such as its specie, strain, growth area, climatic conditions, latitude and altitude, soil, processing and the roast level.
A single type of coffee bean can be used like Kenya AA, which has distinctive taste characteristics of high winey acidity that can ignite and empower certain chocolaty taste. For other flavors, using a blend of beans from various regions designed to project a unique base is optimal.
Natural oils used in flavored coffees are extracted from a variety of sources such as vanilla beans, cocoa beans, and various nuts and berries. Cinnamon, clove, and chicory are also used in a variety of coffee.
The Flavoring Science
Flavor chemists blend many oils to achieve specific combinations. While other foods may be composed of nine or 10 ingredients, coffee flavors require up to 80 different compounds. The primary goal is to seek ideal flavored coffee that does not interfere with the coffee’s aromatic and taste characteristics.
Pure compounds are highly concentrated and must be diluted in a solvent to allow the blending of multiple oils and easy application to the roasted coffee beans. The current technology uses stable solvents which leave the beans with a glossy sheen and longer lasting oil.
The chemicals and the solvents used in flavors must not only be approved for use in foods, but they must also not adversely react with the packaging material and the processing equipment with which they come into contact.

Misconceptions about Holistic Lifestyle and Aromatherapy

The best way to start a medication is to understand its misconceptions first. Holistic lifestyles are not so common that everyone is aware of it; hence this too has its share of misconceptions clearly aided by rumors. Comparing articles online or talking to a holistic lifestyle practitioner is a good way to start.Â
Some basic misconceptions about holistic lifestyle which utilizes natural health supplements, is as follows.Â
Statement: Holistic lifestyle is for old or people fighting with life threatening diseases.Â
Truth: No doubt holistic lifestyle helps people suffering from many illnesses, but it is not like young people cannot try such an existence. In today’s hard paced lifestyle, our solutions are creating many problems to one and all. A scientist documented the above fact as follows. “We all are self created time bombs.” Holistic lifestyle is accepted to attain a healthy body and mind.Â
Statement: Holistic lifestyle makes you a good person.Â
Truth: Like you cannot generalize emotions, same way you cannot judge if a person is good or bad by yourself. Holistic lifestyle takes you towards nature so in a way it makes you more aware of things. Becoming a certain type of person is an individual’s choice though. Also, as holistic lifestyle influences your mind and spirit, your general awareness about values of life increases and you may become a better person.Â
Statement: All essential oils have a nice glowing smell.Â
Truth: Some essential oils may create an aroma but not all. In addition, many fake essential oil manufacturers add such perfumed extracts to woo buyers.Â
Statement: Do not buy essential oils in aluminum bottles.Â
Truth: If aluminum bottles are lined from inside, you can use essential oils stored in such bottles.Â
Statement: Holistic healing can cure aids/cancer/diabetes and other incurable diseasesÂ
Truth: Such statement is like overrating something. Holistic healing is a process which works on the imbalances of your body, but never ever has any holistic lifestyle practitioner or coach claimed curing aids or diabetes. Holistic lifestyle is a way of life and not a medicinal solution for a certain problem.Â
There are many other misconceptions about living a holistic lifestyle or usage of aromatherapy essential oils which have been started by small time manufacturers to boost their sales. The worst being – people still fall prey to such bogus claims.

Buy a Variety of Indian Organic Spices Online

Spices are the secret of delectable Indian cuisines. These days, organic spices are more in demand as they are believed to be healthy for the consumers. Indian organic spices are widely appreciated and used at home as well as restaurants. These are a favorite with those who prefer rich and spicy food, which is a signature of Indian dishes.
It is easier to get those items if you live in this country. What if you are a NRI or a foreigner in love with Indian delicacies? Is it possible to get those colorful and flavorful spices if you are living abroad? Or you have to come to India to shop for a bagful of them so that it can satisfy your needs for a long time?
Don’t worry; Indian organic vegetables and spices are easy to avail online.
Organic Spices – Cost-Effective Choice
Despite being fresh, healthy and more nutrition-rich, organic food and spices come easier on pocket. While shopping for organic spices, you will notice that price/per packet is significantly lower if compared with the same amount of product. There is no doubt that organic food purchase is an economic option when you are determined to save your monthly expenses.
Certified spices are definitely better in quality as they are cultivated without use of chemical pesticides and petroleum-based fertilizers. Organic spices are also good for our planet as they are grown in a more sustainable and environment-friendly way.
How to save more on online purchase of Indian spices
It has almost become a trend for the online grocery stores to offer discounts on their items or a basket of selected items. By availing these coupons, you can save a decent figure on your monthly expenses for spices as well as other grocery items. Usually, these discounts are offered throughout the year. However, some stores – both brick and mortar and online shops – offer discounts on the eve of major festivals in India.
Buy in bulks during those times to get more discounts and ensure more saving.
Indian Spices
India takes pride in its variety of cuisines. It has several signature dishes from all of its corners and provinces. It is a country of colors and a glimpse of the fact is clearly visible in its different spices that add a unique taste, texture and flavor to the delicacies. These spices also find their use in different sweet dishes, apart from vegetarian and non-veg curries, pulao, fried rice and biriyani.
Cinnamon, cloves and nutmeg are among the most frequently used spices in Indian sweets. Use of spices adds an aromatic flavor to the dishes prepared. Saffron is a very expensive spice used to add color to different sweets and other spicy delicacies.
Indian cuisines are great and the same can be said about spices available and used in the country. They actually make the dishes very colorful, aromatic and tasty. Availability of Indian spices online makes sure that you can now whip up and dish out the favorite and flavorsome cuisines even while living abroad.

Questions to Ask Yourself before You Buy Cookware

There are a lot of questions which come to your mind while you buy cookware items. Answers to these questions decide what you should buy. Some basic questions which you need to ask yourself before you buy cookware are as follows. Some logical explanations are also mentioned.

How Often Would You Cook?

Durability of your cookware depends on your usage. If you would cook for a huge number of people or have commercial aspects attached to cooking, investing on durable cookware which utilizes even distribution of heat is recommended. It will also save your bills on account of energy saved.

What Dishes would you Cook Often?

No doubt, multiple dishes can be cooked using similar cookware, still there are certain items best cooked on fixed type of cookware. If you want to arrange a barbeque, you won’t use a skillet, right? Same logic goes for many other dishes hence make a note of what all would you cook to get an idea of what all cookware you would need.

Are You Gifting Cookware to Someone?

While gifting cookware, check which type of cookware would be used often by the concerned person.

Is this your First Purchase?

If the answer to this question is yes, then make sure you check online reviews and study some aspects of cookware before you decide on a product or else cookware would remain as a showcase item instead of getting its due.

Does your Present Cookware Lack Something?

Most people buy cookware to replace certain older cookware items. If you feel that your present cookware has problems to certain aspects of cooking, discuss this with your friends and also with the volunteer at the store. There is a lot of chance that you may get better advice this time round.

Have You Been Influenced by Someone to Buy Something in Particular?

It is said that never believe a chef if he is advertising something. In the same vein, don’t just buy something if someone persuades you to do so. Check the factors and the circumstances behind it for a more useful purchase.

It may appear that buying cookware is complicated but it is not so, it is just that all the above questions are connected to one thing – ease of cooking.